Looking on the bright side of life…

Where has the last week gone? It’s only been my first full week back at work and I’m feeling well & truly back into the thick of things.

As well as working, my week has included Rotary (with me taking over the presidential duties again for a short while), book club, movie club, a school performance, the Tumbarumba2Kokoda thank you night for the community (& hosting Rob & Allison for the night), a few brisk walks of an afternoon, grocery shopping & planning a Harbour Bridge climb weekend away for Hannes before he leaves us. A lot of other things had to be fitted in as well such as catching up with my mother, my girls & other friends and a few of the day to day household jobs like washing, cooking & cleaning.

In some ways it was much more fun being on holidays but at least I can’t moan about having a boring life!

I know I complained in my last blog about the lack of colour when I arrived home from Europe but I am now much more aware & grateful for the brighter things of life…..

The colourful parrots as they nibble on the grass, the glorious sunsets over Tumbarumba, the freezing cold mornings with the frost glistening, the snow views on the way to town, the baby lambs gambolling around in the paddock, the red toadstools in the forest, the fog as I drive to work, my cosy new orange duffel coat! These are just a few of my favourite things at the moment.

I have missed writing my daily travel blog and keep having thoughts pop into my head to include in my next blog, before I remember that I’m not writing it anymore as I’m back home! I have met so many people in town who feel they travelled with me just by reading my travel blog each day. Someone even said they thought it was a better way to go on holidays, to read all about someone else’s travels!!

Happy birthday to my beautiful mother for today. Lets hope she has passed on her genes so that I too can age as gracefully as she has done & also to have the ability to cope with whatever comes her way.

Always look on the bright side of life…






One Reply to “Looking on the bright side of life…”

  1. I felt exhausted after reading all that you have achieved this week!! Nothing like being busy as long as you also take time to smell the roses. Loved the pictures too.

    Thank you for the lovely comments Deb and the birthday greeting, only hope I can live up to them. One must stay positive!!


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