When was the last time you made someone really happy? Someone you don’t know all that well, someone who has tried hard, anyone…..

While you think about that question, I’ll share my recent ‘making someone happy’ moment.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

I had the great pleasure of phoning 2 young students yesterday to tell them that not only had they performed well in the interviews but that they had been selected to be a part of the Rotary Youth Exchange program in 2014.

They were off to Italy & Brazil!!

I could hear the absolute joy in their voices when I told them that they had been selected, it was a lovely heartwarming moment for me. They both sounded so happy, proud, excited and relieved. They’d been told to expect a call sometime during the day and were obviously waiting, waiting, waiting… and I’d made them very happy!!

The applications for Rotary Youth Exchange had been completed a few weeks ago and our district had many applicants. They all read well on paper but the day had come for them to be interviewed and assessed for their suitability to undertake the 12 month program of travelling to live in an another country from January 2014.

The committee of experienced Rotary volunteers interviewed students and their parents all day, then after a quick dinner we discussed and selected who was going & where they were going based on their country choices.

We took our job seriously as the exchange process, while fun, can still be gruelling for these youngsters. We had to be sure that they could cope with the myriad of experiences and be good ambassadors for Australia, Rotary & their communities.

We picked 14 successful students who all displayed the required attitudes, knowledge, interest and family support to undertake this exciting program. I think there would have been 14 very happy kids that night!! Now the fun starts with their preparations, training and learning about where they will be going.

Making someone happy doesn’t have to be hard it can be as simple as smiling at someone who isn’t expecting a smile.

I’d like to think we can all try to make someone happy every day, because you see, you also make yourself happy 🙂

I’d love to hear about your making someone happy moment……

Deb 🙂

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5 Replies to “Happiness”

  1. Beautiful Deb! I concur with everything you have written! I rang Madeline and Will. Madeline was ecstatic but Will was much more reserved. But a good moment for both. Rob

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    1. As Madeleine’s parent, I too can concur that the resulting phone call after the selection interviews last July suddenly enabled Madeleine’s long term dream to become a Rotary Youth Exchange student to come true. The Rotary Youth Exchange program has given Madeleine the opportunity to ‘make it happen’ and she’s now living the dream in Germany! Our thanks to the District Rotary Youth Exchange committee.

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      1. Thanks for your comment Matthew, it’s great to hear that all is going well with her in Germany. I’m enjoying reading Madeleine’s blog and I hope the exchange is everything she thought it would be and more!

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        1. Glad to read that you’ve enjoyed reading Maddie’s blog Debbie. Our family is devouring each of her blog posts to learn as much about her initial experiences as possible. The blogging site has proven to be an excellent tool to disseminate her experiences to her extended family, friends and her sponsor Rotary Club.


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