Losing myself in a book

Do you find yourself getting caught up in what you are reading, so much so that you have to stop for a moment to remember that it isn’t real? I do all the time & I love the sense of escapism that a book can give me.

I’m currently reading Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’ and wake up wondering if the dome is still over us and how the town is coping. I think I’m suffering from an overactive imagination. I can’t remember the last time I read a Stephen King book but must say I am totally hooked on this one. The TV show is also on at present but it is vastly different to the book, as most TV adaptations are. I find myself wondering if it was Tumbarumba ‘under the dome’ how would we manage, who would take charge, would we panic & other similar lines of thought. I am only half way through the book so don’t know much yet about the outcome but have a fair idea of where it’s going, and it’s not pretty!

I am in a book club with 10 other women from all age groups, jobs and backgrounds and we meet once a month in each other’s homes. We all read the same book in the month and then discuss it to death over a drink and some yummy after dinner snacks. (We also discuss other things as well and find that it’s a great way to stay in touch.) We often have very different reactions to the books we read but we all agree on one thing. We can read some books and become the characters, get ourselves embroiled in the plot, forget where we are at times as we get so involved in the reading & get whisked away into the story. We have all been known to finish a book and have what amounts to withdrawals or a real sense of anti-climax as we no longer can lose ourselves into the story as it’s over. I know that this will happen time after time but I can never slow myself down from reading. If I’m reading a good book I’m lost for the time it takes to finish it. Sure I can do other things but my mind is always on the book and where it’s going. It’s for this reason that I can’t read two books at once, I have to devote myself to one at a time. There haven’t been too many books that I can’t read once I start them as I try to make myself read on despite not really enjoying it. If it’s a book club book I always finish it so that I can participate fully in the discussion.

So, now that I have had a little break away from reading on this very wet, snowy & typical wintery weekend I can now return to my book and lose myself for the rest of the day. I hope we never find ourselves under the dome but if we do, I know I’ll be prepared!

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