Random thoughts while out running

While out in the pine forest this morning I decided that I should invent a new word – maybe Ralking or Wunning. You see, I’ve started running, except that it’s not really running in the true sense of the word, it’s more a mix of running & walking.  At the moment, as I’ve just started this new style of exercise (some may call it a fad), I’m doing about 30% running and 70% walking so I think that ralking or wunning is quite a true description.  I know there is a proper name for this style of exercise (like interval training) but that’s boring and doesn’t really mean anything to me, so I’ve coined my own term. Let me know what you think.

I’ve always been active – I can walk for days/weeks as evidenced by my trekking in Nepal & Kokoda ; I can ride a bike for days/weeks as evidenced by my 500+ kilometre ride from Paris to Bruges; and I used to be a runner when I was a teenager.  I was a 200 metre sprint champion once upon a time but now I find even a few hundred metres of jogging can take all my breath away and leave me gasping as I walk for the next few kilometres building up to another burst of explosive speed.  I have made a start though and that’s what counts.

Inspiration is all around me. One of my daughters has an app on her phone that takes her from the couch to running 5km in a few weeks; another daughter has been boxing & training with a personal trainer; another daughter was into kick boxing; my sister has recently lost masses of weight sensibly and I saw PINK in concert during the week.  She was amazing – so physically fit, toned and active that I was inspired again to get fitter and more active in the hope that I too can be a healthier version of myself.  Pink doesn’t fit the skinny minny pop star mould, she isn’t skinny and she is by no means fat, she looked simply sensational. I know she probably has a team of people helping her along the way but good on her for putting on such a great show; the acrobatics were amazing and she still managed to sing as well.  I am impressed!!

I am also the team captain for our workplace team in the 10000 step challenge which starts next week. We have been issued with our pedometers and heaps of information about the benefits of exercising so I am getting pumped!!  We have to try to walk 10000 steps a day and record our steps.  We are up against many other workplace teams around the state and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  Winter is always hard to get motivated for exercising but this challenge is set to get us all going as none of us want to let the team down.  We will be comparing steps with our team mates and chatting about what we’ve been doing to get active so it is a great motivator.

I may have to introduce my fellow team mates to my new style of Ralking/Wunning I’m sure it will take off. At least I’m out doing something and I love the way my brain works while I’m running, it comes up with all sorts of random thoughts…stay tuned for more!

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