things I just don’t get

Walking in the bush is very therapeutic I’ve decided. Despite not wanting to go out for a walk I needed to get up my 10000 steps for the day, so I forced myself to go, feeling slow & generally out of sorts.

I let my body set the pace & just wandered the track instead of my usual head down full on speed walk/run. It was nice to slow the pace down for a change. It also gave me time to think (which can be quite dangerous!)

I mused on several topics while walking and I realised that I don’t understand quite a few things. I decided to make a list of some of the things I just don’t get.

Warning – Random Debbie thoughts ahead!!

❓If the sun produces solar energy for free why is it so expensive to put in a solar hot water system and solar panels. Why isn’t it encouraged more? (PS. We’ve just had a new system installed)
❓How does it all work?
❓Why do the women in the majority of music videos wear next to nothing in comparison to the males? Why do we condone this inequity by watching & buying said music? And don’t get me started on twerking!!
❓Why aren’t teachers, and education in general, valued more in Australia? Schools, universities, correctional centres – they all have brilliant educators who aren’t valued or appreciated enough for the tough job that they do every day.
❓Why, if one sheep starts to run away, do all the other sheep follow and run away as well?
❓Why does a weekend have to fly by so fast, even when I deliberately slow the pace down?
❓Why do I always have to think of something for dinner?
❓How did my daughters become so beautiful & clever?
❓And so grown up???
❓Why does the football have scantily dressed cheerleaders in this day & age? Are there similar scantily clad men at women’s sporting events?
❓Am I becoming a grumpy old woman or are these issues that others think about too?

So, after walking and thinking and writing, I am now left wondering….what is for dinner??

What do you think? Make me smile with your words :)

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