Starting out – Debbie’s Daughter

My clever daughter is now blogging as well!

Debbie's Daughter Photography - Travel & other Musings

So it’s been two weeks since I started my long running dream of creating my own little business. And what a 2 weeks they have been!

But to start I guess I should go back to the beginning which starts with my wonderful Dad- Grant. Thinking about it I probably should have called it Grant’s Daughter Photography as he was the one that introduced me to taking pictures. Always looking for a great shot, looking for good angles or scenes, catching people unaware (not in a paparazzi kind of way) and documenting our lives one photograph at a time.  He would often turn our laundry into a dark room and set up all the equipment and chemicals for us to develop, amend and edit photos. I loved it and still do.  My childhood home is FULL of photos, albums and photo books. It’s what I’ve been brought up and something…

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