My 12wbt journey has started

I joined the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation in early October. I signed up online, paid my money and jumped right into the forum,  after a bit of looking around the site and getting my bearings. I had missed a few of the early warm up challenges but still read through them and got the gist of what was expected.  I have done all the pre season tasks and am even looking forward to the last few – fitness test and measure up – well sort of!!

As I said in my introduction on the forum page I haven’t ever really had huge weight issues but do have about 5-10 kgs to lose and am looking forward most to learning how to run without needing to stop every few minutes to get my breath back.  I’m also looking forward to toning up and losing a few of the wobbly bits that I have acquired over the past few years.  I would like to be trim, taut & terrific for summer.

Already I have noticed that I’m slowly losing weight and feeling good with just the few changes I’ve made since bing involved. Simple things like drinking more water, being aware of what I’m actually eating and making an effort to do some exercise each day.  Also being more accountable is helping. For the gear up challenge I bought a heart monitor and am slowly working out how to use it to my advantage. I also bought new scales as our old set didn’t weigh in increments as required, they were the old wind the dial around model and I immediately found that I weighed 3 kgs heavier that I thought I did. This was a blow but I have managed to claw back 1.5kgs and aim to start the challenge at the weight I always thought I was. I think I’d been cheating myself over the years as I wound the dial back thinking the scales weren’t reading correctly and all I was doing was hiding the facts that yes I had put on a few kilos. Being accountable!!

I like being organised and am getting back into organising meal plans, shopping and exercise details. I don’t go to a gym and prefer to walk or run in the bush near my house and cycling whenever I can, so I am hoping the outside & at home choices I made in my program will work best for me. I’m confident I can do this!!

I am part of a few forums – the Learn to Run forum, one for bloggers and one for the over 50 ‘sirens’. The posts are always interesting and motivational. I am 52 and have always been reasonably active and strong willed in regards to eating properly but I find that sitting at a desk all day is quite damaging. Many of my friends don’t think I have anything to lose and wonder why I am doing this program. I am doing it to make myself healthier and happier with my body and how it looks and feels. I did find the telling everyone challenge quite hard due to the comments from people who don’t understand. I have done well over the past 20 years or so to maintain my weight and not let it get away from me but it’s now time to work hard and see what I can achieve with the support of the program and everyone else on the same journey.

I liken it to having been in a cocoon, like a butterfly, and I’ll be now coming alive in a beautiful new body 🙂

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