Out for a run!

Why do I have great ideas for my blog while I’m out walking/running but when I come home I don’t remember any of them??

I had a lovely 5k walk/run tonight in the coolness after what turned out to be quite a hot day.  I scored a trifecta – which was quite fitting seeing as though it was Melbourne Cup day this week – I managed to scare rabbits, kangaroos and cows tonight!  They must have heard the determination in my pounding footsteps….and they went running… away.  It was a lovely sight to come across a mob of 6 huge kangaroos and then to see them all take off together. I hope I look that graceful but somehow I don’t think I do.

I am trying to run every few hundred metres then walk to regain my breath then run again.  I think I’m doing OK but my fitness test results weren’t that spectacular and neither was my before photo and measurements.  But that’s why I’m here – I want to improve these figures and know I have to work hard to do it. I’m getting more comfortable with using my heart rate monitor and am understanding it a bit more now.

I’ve enjoyed looking over the meal planners, shopping lists and exercise plans but do wonder how on earth I’m going to fit in all the food preparation, exercise and other bits as well as my normal life. It’s all really going to hit the fan next week! I had fun tonight as I discovered the My Fitness Pal app and went round the kitchen scanning all the bar codes of foods and entering them into the diary.  It’s so clever!!  But the funny thing was that I had to turn the tub of honey onto its side to scan the bar code and the lid wasn’t on properly so all the honey poured out onto the bench…I had to laugh and luckily I was home alone so no-one else saw me!

Big weekend coming up – we are off with friends to go cycling on a Rail Trail in Victoria, so hopefully I can burn more calories than I eat and drink!!


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