The beginning…

Today was Day 1. Although the weeks of pre-season activities have helped get my head into the right mind set, it was still a big day. 

I had a huge weekend cycling with friends and on Saturday alone my heart rate monitor told me that I had burnt 1432 calories!!  We did ride for most of the day and covered 67kms  but I wasn’t expecting that much as most of my lead up walks/runs/bike rides have been in the 200-300 calorie zone.  We rode for another 20kms on Sunday morning as well.  What I was upset about after expending all that effort and being very good with my food intake all weekend, was that the scales weighed me at 100g more than I was on Friday morning before we left.  I thought I would have lost at least something  – not gained it!  This leads me to the advice I was given today, from a friend who just finished Round 3, she said to only weigh myself on the set weigh-in day, not every day, as it will be too stressful.  I will try to remember this advice as my disappointment this morning was very real, especially on the first day when I should be starting off positive and proud of myself for what I’m trying to achieve.

Anyway I started the day with my strawberry bruschetta – I’m not a huge fan of Ricotta but it was OK.  I made the warm lamb and pumpkin salad last night and loved it.  Luckily I made extra and had it tonight as I had to fit in my run after work and before going to my Rotary meeting.  It was just as nice tonight so I will keep that recipe handy!  I have done everything by the book today and feel good.  My running exercise plan was harder than it sounded especially on the back of my huge 90kms of riding over the weekend but I did enjoy the structure of the plan and the stretching afterwards.

Last week I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and have had the best time scanning everything I can think of and adding them to my lists.  The great thing about it is that it gives you the serving sizes when you scan bar codes so that you can see the amount you should be eating – it really takes the guess work out of it.  I use this app as my food diary and it subtracts my exercise calories from my daily total.  I think it is a brilliant new plaything!!

 I have had a play with the meal plans and have customised a few things and feel quietly confident. Just about off to bed after my peppermint tea, which is my usual nightly drink, and I must admit to feeling a tad hungry. 

Bring on Day 2!!

What do you think? Make me smile with your words :)

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