Pressure’s on!!

I’m feeling the pressure!  Organising all my meals, trying to get the exercises right, finding time, making time, reading everything, recording everything I eat, calories burnt, first weigh in ……I know I’ll be fine in a week or so. I do like to be organised so that helps.

My weigh in was OK – 100g down from my initial weigh in, but I have to remember that my start weight when I signed up in early October was 64kg (my new scales weighed me 3kg more than I thought I weighed so that was a blow!!) and I’m now 62.1kg  which means I’ve actually lost very close to 2kg since I started on the pre-season tasks.  I’m happy with that and I can already notice it in my clothes.  I can’t believe I once weighed under 50kgs, I must have been skin & bone.  I have had more friends tell me I don’t need to lose weight and that women of a certain age lose it from their faces which make them look older – well thanks for that helpful info!!! 

I am enjoying the meals I’ve been having.  Some are already favourites which I’ll use again but some I’m glad I’ve tried but won’t do again.  It’s good to have a variety of choices and it’s all made so easy with shopping lists and recipes on tap.  It’s just finding the time to do it all.

I also found a nice friendly Facebook page for fabulous, fit ladies over 50 and they’ve been very supportive and welcoming.  I do find the forums on the 12wbt web site interesting but hard to keep up with so am reducing my contact there and using the fb support group. I posted a bit of anxious ‘I’m not coping’ comment this morning and have had some lovely comments from women I don’t even know, who have offered encouragement and support.  So nice!!

This morning I went for a run at 6.20am and found it a good way to get the exercise in for the day but didn’t have much energy to run for too long without stopping.  I think I’m one of those people who need something to eat before I exercise.   I used to always go walking with a friend  in the early morning and it set me up for the day ahead.  She moved away and that stopped the early morning walks.

After my run I came home and had scrambled egg with smoked salmon and it was just what I needed, I loved it!! It’s my favourite breakfast so far. I enjoyed the roast beef sandwich today and then made the chicken, avocado and orange rocket salad for dinner as I had a chi ball class until 6.30pm and needed something quick.  I was supposed to have the Teriyaki chicken and vegetable stir fry but read the recipe too late as it needed to marinate for at least half an hour and I just needed to eat something quickly. My husband really enjoyed the salad as well which was a bonus. I wasn’t as hungry today as I have been and have tried to drink even more water to stop the hunger pangs.

I hope things will improve even more in the next few days.  I decided this morning that it’s not just a body transformation it’s a whole of life transformation as you have to be prepared to change so much about yourself to achieve the results you want. 

What do you think? Make me smile with your words :)

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