Week 1: done & dusted – only 11 more to go!

Well week one is done & dusted and what a week it’s been. I started well prepared but still found it all a bit overwhelming and I only have myself (and husband) at home to think about!  I feel for busy parents who are trying to do this and keep their families functioning.  It all comes down to organisation and I like to be organised so I’m now getting better about everything I have to do and find that I love the sense of control it is giving me. I also decided that it’s not just a body transformation it is a life transformation.

I have loved the meals, shopping lists and variety.  I can now customise my meal plans quickly but am trying new things.  I have been hungry all week but as of today I think that is starting to subside a bit.  I have been drinking so much water and going to the toilet all the time as a result, I must be losing something!  I don’t mind the exercise plans but I don’t think I’m doing some of them right. They also don’t seem to take me as long as they should or burn as many calories, I’ll have to work on that this week.

All in all I feel good, my clothes are starting to feel a bit more comfortable and despite the scales not changing this week I know I have lost 2kgs since signing up for the pre-season program a month or so ago.

Here’s a brief summary of my first week –

Monday: bit apprehensive but excited; scales weighed me heavier than a few days before, despite a huge weekend of cycling and being good while away – very disappointed.  Strawberry bruschetta for breakfast and it was OK, lunch was a roast capsicum and tomato sandwich with olive tapenade (bought at a little olive business discovered while riding around on the weekend), and dinner was warm lamb, pumpkin & craisins with mint yoghurt dressing – very delish!!  Did my Learn to Run (outdoors) exercise workout and found the interval runs harder than I thought but enjoyed the challenge.  The stretching exercises were great, especially after having ridden 90kms over the weekend.  Went to Rotary meeting and watched everyone else eat a huge meal during the meeting, having already had my delicious meal earlier.  Went to bed with a peppermint tea feeling a tad hungry.

Tuesday: woke feeling hungry so enjoyed my apple muesli.  Had a work lunch so tried to pick a healthy chicken salad from the menu and made the Broccoli pasta with chilli ricotta for dinner, which I surprisingly enjoyed,  but I did wonder if I got it right as the serve seemed really big.  I did my exercise workout after work and it was OK.  I still felt hungry when I went to bed despite having a few small snacks (only ones from the list) during the day and drinking copious amounts of water.  Updated my fitness pal with my eating diary and exercise workouts and checked the 12wbt website for videos and forums.

Wednesday: decided to get up early to do my weekly running challenge before work.  It was dreadful as I was starving and had no energy at all. I think I’m one of those people who need to eat something before exercising in the morning. It was also the first weigh in and after everything I’d been doing and feeling hungry all the time – the scales hadn’t moved at all! To say I was a bit upset is an understatement.  Luckily I have nice friend at work who had done Round 3 and is back for Round 4 and she was able to put things into perspective for me.  I was honest though and put in my abysmal time challenge results into the running stats and felt quite down all day.  I put a post into the 50 fit & fabulous Facebook group I’m in and got some lovely supportive feedback which made me feel better.  I also updated my blog that night.  After work I had a chi ball session for an hour and it was very therapeutic. The best part was my breakfast after my run – I had the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for breakfast and it was amazing!    I made the roast beef and beetroot sandwich for lunch and the chicken, avocado and orange rocket salad for dinner as my husband had been for his group walk and I’d had chi ball so it was quite an easy one to do quickly and we both enjoyed it. The picture below is the sky while on my early morning run.


Thursday: I woke feeling a bit tight in my calf muscles.  I enjoyed my egg and vegemite soldiers, made the same sandwich as yesterday for lunch as I’d over catered with some of my shopping list items.  After work I had a hair appointment which ended up running very late so had the leftovers of the broccoli pasta for dinner and didn’t get to do any of the day’s exercise plan 😦  and still feeling hungry!

Friday: So glad it’s Friday! – had the apple muesli again, enjoyed the curried egg and lettuce sandwich for lunch and made the smoky chicken pizzas for dinner.  Enjoyed the exercise plan workout for the core and abs and relaxed with a movie on the lounge.

Saturday: Started the day with a most delicious smoked salmon and tomato on toast with rocket – really am a fan of smoked salmon. Had a busy morning planned doing jobs so couldn’t do my super Saturday session until later in the day. Went to a cooking party plan lunch and merely tasted things and didn’t have any of the dessert at all.  It turned out to be a stormy Saturday session and I kept putting off going out for my interval run but finally did it – and of course it decided that was when it would actually start raining.  I didn’t mind and was glad to say I did a lot better than I did on Wednesday’s run and felt a lot better about it all.  We went to a 21st party and I was good at watching which nibblies I ate and selected nice healthy salads for my main meal.  I also indulged in a glass of wine!  The picture below is my some of my running track through the forest.



My delicious Saturday breakfast before the stormy weather rolled in.

Sunday: A day of rest and getting sorted for the week ahead – reading, blogging, facebooking, listening to Michelle’s podcasts and watching12wbt videos.  I cooked the scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado for our breakfast and will have leftovers for lunch and caramelised pork with sweet potato mash & apples for dinner.

Hopefully the scales will start to change next week, I really think they are stuck at the moment!

What do you think? Make me smile with your words :)

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