I bought a bikini….yes….I bought a bikini

I am on the Gold Coast for Christmas with some of my family and I decided today that I’d buy a bikini. I haven’t worn a bikini in years & don’t think I really should be wearing one just yet – but too bad!! I am at that age that I don’t really care too much about what others think. (Maybe that’s a little untrue).

Week 7 starts off the holiday weeks which have been worrying me a bit due to being away from normal routine. I’m determined to stick to healthy choices combined with early morning walks with my mother & daughter, running on the beach, swimming, shopping and relaxing, I should be fine. Unfortunately there are no scales for my usual Wednesday morning weigh in.

I was awake very early on our first morning here, due to Queensland not having daylight saving time. As the sun came up and into our room at about 4.45am, I decided to get up and go out for a run.

Good morning!

Good morning!

I normally run on my own, on bush tracks with flies & cicadas as a chorus accompanying me, so to have the gorgeous surfers paradise as my running track is an amazing change. I joined the throngs of people walking and running on the beach at 5.30 in the morning and did my Monday morning workout in ‘paradise’.

I had the great idea of buying a bikini while I was out running, so before my courage left me I went & got one! The sales lady was mature aged and very helpful, and I’d like to think honest in her appraisal of my choices. I feel very summery and not at all out of place up here. Downtown Tumbarumba maybe a different matter!!

Feeling very brave. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Bikini time!!

Bikini time!!

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