I missed my hills….did I really say that?

I started the first day of 2014 with a run in the forest for an hour or so this morning, up and down the hills of my familiar forest tracks.  It was a bit cooler than usual and so the flies weren’t such a problem and the cicadas were a bit quieter too.  It felt good!

I have just returned home from 10 days on the Gold Coast (Queensland) where we had a great time celebrating Christmas with family, my parents and two of my daughters and their boyfriends, in a beautiful and well appointed house on a canal only 1km from the beach.    I just wished we’d been able to stay for longer.  It was such a contrast to my normal country lifestyle that it felt like I was on a different planet at times. One I could get used to……

I haven’t really run properly for about a week but I have walked on the beach every morning with my mother (75) and my daughter (28). We made it a daily ritual and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as we don’t get to get to spend much time together as we live so far apart from each other. We also enjoyed the experience of joining the throngs of others who were out running, walking, cycling, swimming, up at the crack of dawn, before it got too hot later in the day.  The lack of daylight saving in Queensland really impacted on us, and it’s only an hour difference!

My run this morning was a bit of a shock to the system but I managed to get the legs working again and increased my running non-stop time by another few minutes.  I realised that I am a bit competitive with myself and am determined to improve my times no matter how much I’m huffing and puffing – anyway it worked and I did it.  This morning I realised that I actually missed the hills that I run up and down as they really get my heart rate up, something that walking along the beach didn’t seem to do.  I saw my usual collection of wildlife – rabbits, kangaroos, parrots and even a fox.  I also saw an ice cream van heading into town, probably to the local rodeo that’s on later today, but it just struck me as being very out of place. I heard shots from a nearby property and am glad that the farmer had seen me when he drove past on his way into his property . I’m trying to be more observant of my surroundings while I run and not get all glassy eyed and lost in my own little world as I often do.

I am slowly starting to push myself to run up some of the hills instead of slowing to a fast walk and notice that I am doing a bit better each time I go out.  My progress on my 12wbt is going well despite the slight hiccup of Christmas/New Year.  It’s not that I fell off the wagon but it’s just that bit more difficult to maintain normal routines when you are out of your normal environment and don’t have access to your usual resources.  I felt a bit adrift.  I think I did well and even managed to lose a few hundred grams during the week so I am very happy with that. I am glad to be back on track now that I’m home and aim to  finish with a bang in 4 weeks time.  My measurements were very good, showing what I knew from my clothes, that I have continued to shed centimetres.  I just have to finish my fitness challenge this week (Week 8) and hopefully I will have improved my fitness levels as well.  I’m feeling good!

Below is my inspiration for 2014…Happy New Year everyone!

Inspirational quote for 2014
Inspirational quote for 2014


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