Why a blog? Day 3 challenge

I have always loved writing and reading.  I think the reason why I started writing a blog is that I love writing down my thoughts.  I’m not that sure if anyone else is interested in reading them but I do like to share.

  • I have always kept a diary
  • I wrote each of my children the story about their birth and their first few months in this world with yearly updates and presented it to them on their 18th birthdays
  • I write a travel blog each time I go on holidays (a) to keep my family and friends updated on our travels and (b) to help me keep the holiday fresh in my mind after I return
  • My husband and I love producing photo story books of all our trips
  • I have recently written stories comparing my daughters’ lives to my own at their age and also comparing my mother’s and my lives at the same age.
  • I had an English teacher at high school who told me that I wrote good compositions – this comment has always stuck with me.

I started my blog back in May 2012 as my sister had begun posting blogs.  I thought it sounded like a good idea and joined in.  I often do things my sister does as she is an inspiration. My first post was very raw and I think I deleted it before too many people could see it.  My second post, which is now listed as my earliest post, is about a very personal issue – the removal of some of my more prominent  facial moles.

I often appear very confident but this isn’t always the case. I struggle, at times, with self esteem issues as I have a lot of prominent dark moles on my face and body which I don’t like very much.  My first post related to having a number of these moles removed from my face.  I have always told my daughters that these moles were my beauty spots and so titled my post ‘3 times less beautiful’.  If I’m honest it was really for myself, telling myself that true beauty comes from within and not to be so vain.

Since then my posts have taken a different tack – celebrating happy times, re-discovering running, my family, random thoughts.  I am enjoying this challenge and getting back into the whys and wherefores of writing.

  One thought on “Why a blog? Day 3 challenge

  1. January 5, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    That’s funny because I often do things my sister does because she’s an inspiration to me. Going to a dietician in November 2012 was inspired by my sister who said she’d gone to one, and after hearing about my sister having facial moles removed I had 7 taken off – the best decision I made in 2013. Everyone should have a big sister like mine.


    • January 5, 2014 at 6:28 pm

      We are very lucky to have a sisters like us!! Hope that make sense.


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