High five Wednesday!

Weigh-in Wednesdays can be a bit traumatic but I had a good feeling about this morning.

I was up early as it was also my first day back at work after being on holidays for nearly two weeks.  I weighed myself before going out on my run and finally cracked my nemesis weight – only just mind you – but I was finally under it.  I was very happy with myself and so went out on my run with a great feeling of achievement.  It was a beautiful crisp morning and I was on fire!

I was determined to do the 16 minutes of non stop running as suggested in today’s fitness plan – I actually did 17 minutes 31 seconds up and down hills before hitting a really big uphill section and slowing to a fast walk instead.  It was interesting to note that my heart rate walking up the hills is almost as high as it is when running on the flat!

I was thrilled with myself and kept remembering that when I started nine weeks ago I could only manage two and a half minutes of running non stop!

I credit my day’s efforts to a few things – I learnt how to tie my shoelaces properly by watching a video and it made all the difference to my once numb toes; I did Tighten up Tuesday yesterday ensuring that I ate very cleanly by tightening up on what went into my mouth and my determined efforts to increased my intensity.  It is all coming together nicely!

This really is a great program!

What do you think? Make me smile with your words :)

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