Zero to Hero: Day 6 – Include a new element in a post

Today’s challenge is to publish a post that includes a new element.  So it could be a post that includes something you haven’t used before like a video clip, embed an Instagram photo, a tweet or anything new.  This was another good exercise.  So far I have learnt how to use widgets, changed my theme, introduced myself, updated my ‘About me’ section, evaluated my blog name and went back to look at what I wanted my blog to be about when I first started it. It’s been a very beneficial challenge.  I must admit is was much easier keeping up to date when I was on holidays but I have just gone back to work and will have to make an extra effort to keep up now!

I have used photos in my posts before but haven’t used an Instagram photo, so I followed the instructions and copied the URL of the picture I’d chosen and here it is (I hope):

This picture was taken on the beach at Byron Bay in northern NSW Australia in October 2013,  We were there for my nephew’s wedding later that day. I went for a walk along the beach at sunrise and had this beautiful sky appear.  I took the photo on my phone and later enhanced it a bit with Instagram and posted it with the caption “Waterfall of Sunshine”.

I love this photo as it shows the sun coming through the clouds in a particularly moody fashion – not your classic sunrise shot!  I’d be interested to know what you think of it if anyone wants to comment.

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