Commenting in the blogosphere

I must say that I am enjoying my blogging experience.

I have been reading some great posts lately and have actually been brave enough to make a few comments on some of these blogs.  This is relatively new for me as I have tended to stay in the background happy to read others’ posts and just write my own stories without interacting very much.  The Zero to Hero challenge has opened my eyes to the other parts of blogging and in particular the ‘community’.

Today’s task, (Day 12), is to write a post from comments I have made recently and to link these into my post. I can now add links to my posts!

I have been following Tim’s blogs for quite a while as he is very creative with both his words and his photography.  Yesterday’s post really attracted me as the words were so profound and honest.  The photo that Tim put with his words was beautiful and I thought the two went together to create one delightful story. Tim rarely uses too many words in his posts letting his pictures tell the story.  In my comment I told Tim that I loved his words almost as much as his picture and he responded, quite humbly I thought, that sometimes it all just works!

I made comments on two other posts and received replies thanking me for my comments.  The nice thing about commenting is that you often receive a reply and a bond is formed with someone you may know nothing about, except that you read their blog and took the time to leave a comment for them.

This interaction has been an unexpected bonus to learning and improving my blogs.  I will definitely make the effort to leave more comments in future.

3 Replies to “Commenting in the blogosphere”

  1. Hi Deb,

    Yes, commenting can be daunting at first, can’t it? It’s about making that step, I think, from choosing to treat other people’s blogs like any other website (a kind of nice passivity), and making the conscious decision to engage. About recognising and accepting the sense of community that comes with blogging… if you want it to.

    I know that on my blog, I generally have a small but lovely group of people who will ‘like’ most of my posts, and I really appreciate that level of support, but it’s when someone takes the time to actually respond in a thoughtful, active, way by leaving a comment that I really value this blogging platform. It kind of keeps me honest, and keeps me going, in terms of making sure I honour the commitments that I’ve set for myself in the online world.

    So please do keep commenting on blogs – those of people you know, and especially those of people you don’t! Oh and I very much enjoy your blog too of course – I always enjoy your perspective on things, and I particularly appreciated your series investigating ‘then and now’ with the family. The more things change…


  2. It takes a bit of courage to leave comments I think. Like studying fully online – the sense that you don’t really know who you’re talking to and just how to pitch the comment as they don’t know you either and so don’t know your tone of voice etc. I love to read others’ comments on opinion pieces because there’s such a diversity of views/perspectives, and there’s lots to learn but I never write my own comments. I’ll comment on your posts because I know you, but I find it difficult to comment on strangers’ posts, and I find it difficult to engage online with others in the subjects I’m studying. Maybe I just need to get more courageous!

    Another thought provoking post Deb.


    1. Thanks Sharon. I know what you mean about being more courageous but I would have thought that of all people you would have so much to offer others by commenting on their posts. Go for it!!
      I really appreciate you taking the time to read mine and make comments which I always eagerly await just to see what you have thought of them.


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