Haven from the heat

29 degrees Celsius at 6am is an indication that the day will be another heatwave here in Melbourne. We are here for the Australian Open tennis read more here and I decided that Fitzroy Gardens would be a nice spot for my morning run/walk.  It was a delightfully cool, peaceful haven with green grass, sprinklers, shady trees, fountains and interesting sights to see.  It was probably the most comfortable I will feel in the heat all day today.

I can imagine that it will be a busy place for those without air conditioning later today when the temperature reaches the forecast high of 44.  The park is a sanctuary with a fairy tree, a Tudor village, a fern gully, fountains, a giraffe swing, old shady trees and lots of green grassy spaces.

Tudor village
Tudor village
Fairy tree
Reflections in the fountain

I will go to the tennis in the heat today as we have ground passes for the day, and will do all I can to stay cool. I feel for the players and hope that sense prevails if the temperatures become too much for safe play.

What do you think? I love hearing your thoughts and appreciate your comments.

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