Reputation? Day 16 challenge…

Reputation is an interesting concept and something I feel I have little control over in some ways.

Today’s post is part of the the zero to hero 30 day blog challenge –  read more here.  We have to write a post from the prompt of what is our reputation, how we got it and do we agree with it.

I must admit to checking the meaning of ‘reputation’ just be sure I had it right. According to the Oxford Dictionary it’s ‘the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something’.

I’m not entirely sure of what my reputation is to many of my friends but in my workplace it’s a different matter.  You see, I work in a correctional centre as an education manager.  It’s an interesting environment to say the least!  I can’t talk specifics (obviously) but in general I am seen as a very different person to who I really am. I have to be in many ways. I am quite small, a woman of a certain age, softly spoken and I manage people.  And apparently I am intimidating!!

This makes my daughters laugh so much – I am obviously not thought of as intimidating by them!! If you ask them what my reputation is they say things like ditzy, neurotic, random….but definitely not intimidating.

This makes for an interesting point – can you have different reputations for different parts of your life? Or do all the various terms people might have to describe your reputation eventually lead into one common theme in the end?

I think I put on a good ‘act’ at work and have managed to fool a few people along the way.  I call it being professional.  In my personal life I let the real me show through. To my Rotary colleagues I probably have a very different reputation again. If I had a choice I’d like the reputation of being considered to be honest, reliable, friendly, of good character and a caring person.

Unfortunately we can’t pick our own reputations!

17 Replies to “Reputation? Day 16 challenge…”

  1. I think most people tend to be different people in different situations. Therefore very likely that our “reputations” will vary from one aspect of life to another. However, despite the variances I think there would be enough of an overlap with these “reputations” to ultimately highlight our core essence.


  2. I couldn’t agree more about reputation and how we are perceived at work/home. When I started the job I have now, my boss told all the staff that I was scary. This was purely because I was a parent of one of the children that attended the play schemes the charity I work for provides and she didn’t want them to treat me as a parent but to respect me as an efficient administrator. I was also bringing in new work practices which was scary for a lot of them.


  3. Nicely put Deb… I think most of us keep a different ‘persona’ should I say when it comes to work and the genuine self is for our friends and family. I think its normal because the goofy, fun, and bummy self that’s inside us may not necessarily sync with the professional requirements of our workplace…


  4. I think that certain professions involve you developing a ‘work persona’ that may or may not include aspects of the real ‘home’ you. I know that teacher ‘me’ is certainly more strict than real me, yet does sometimes demonstrate my silliness (when appropriate). I try to be less ditzy in the classroom than I am in real life, but I don’t think I always succeed!


  5. I think we tend to adjust to the situation we are in. I mean being seen as intimidating could simply mean that you are very serious about your work and do not take your personal life to work with you. I think many of us do that in one way, or another.


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