A roundup of all my recent (for want of a better word) obsessions….

Let me set the scene for you…I’m still in bed, it’s early Saturday morning in Australia (we’re ahead of the game down here) and I’m checking in on the Zero to Hero challenge for Day 23.  We’re to do a Friday roundup with links to posts on at least three other blogs, say why we love the posts — and why we think other should read them. The fact that it’s Saturday here doesn’t matter – we had a Friday yesterday!

I start thinking of what I’ve been doing recently, what I’ve been reading, what’s been happening and how I can roll it all into one post. So what did I do first?  I put on my running gear and went out for a run in the forest.  Who would have thought that I would ever do that as my first response?? I love running/walking for the way it clears my head and lets me think, so it was an excellent way to start the day. My daughter recently found this link about exercise and it says it all!

You see I have become obsessed recently by a few things, mainly classed as ‘challenges’ – I am doing a 12 week body transformation challenge, I am learning to run, I am learning to blog, I am doing a reading challenge – I seem to be obsessed with things that challenge me, my body and my way of thinking.  I also should say that I don’t just ‘do’ these things I really become engrossed/obsessed with them – just ask my husband!!  Maybe I’m going through a mid life crisis? Thoughts anyone??

It’s summer here in Australia and a hot one at that.  In summer in Oz we usually have long school holidays, we watch cricket, tennis and cycling (Tour Down Under), we talk about the weather (a lot), we watch the bush fires burn their way through our countryside and we go to the beach.  Not necessarily in that order!  So my roundup includes some of these topics and some of my recent obsessions and some links to these.

I have enjoyed being part of the blogging community by doing the Zero to Hero 30 day challenge and love the wide range of blogs I’ve been reading.  Making the time to keep up to date has also been a challenge! My new favourites include Jean’s Cycle, Write, Blog as she covers all things I’m interested in, cycling, writing and blogging. She also left a supportive comment on my recent blog post where I expressed my frustration with a minority of negative thinkers, towards a proposed Rail Trail in our town.  I enjoyed Eliza’s post answering questions for her third Liebster award and Silver Lining’s post as I also love Dr Who and agree with the need to act confident to be seen as confident. I enjoyed Fi’s post on her Sunshine awards and not just because she nominated me in it but it was nice to read!!

I have been to Melbourne recently to the Australian Open Tennis – in a heatwave – imagine 44 degrees celcius! watching was hard eausopennough but playing in that heat would have been unbearable.  Not a blog as such but they had a great web site and they are very active on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.  It was a great few days and we saw some fantastic tennis. I wrote a post about the tennis too… Here’s me on the 44 degree day with #ausopen hashtag sign.  The fact that on this extremely hot day there was no-one else taking photographs there was good for me as every other day we were there we couldn’t get near it for the crowds.

My other obsession at the moment is my personal fitness transformation.  I am doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and have enjoyed the Learn to Run program, where I have increased my running times, the distance I can run and improved my general health and fitness.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve lost a few kilograms and centimetres along the way as well.  It’s well worth looking into as it has great support, is full of delicious meal plans, helpful hints, shopping lists and has helped me get my life back under control.  I feel fantastic as a result and am going on to do the 10km running program to build on my new found skills. They have a blog as well.  I started a separate blog last year focussed on what I called my butterfly transformation.

My daughter has a creative photography hobby/business and her blog can be found here if you want to have a look at her photos and find out why she called it Debbie’s daughter Photography when it’s her father who actually started her on this creative pursuit.  My sister also has a blog and she is very talented in both her writing and her photography.  She mixes it up – sometimes she’s academic, sometimes she’s more general but one thing for sure is that she’s always very interesting. Her husband Tim also has a blog and is a very creative photographer.

I’ve enjoyed doing my round up and have had lots of practice doing ‘links’.  Happy Australia Day to you all – 26 January!

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