Lunching with myself

Day 22’s task for of the Zero to Hero challenge is to draft a post for (another) blogging event to see what other opportunities there are for writing, publishing, and getting to know people in the blogosphere.

I had a look at all the events and challenges listed as suggested and decided that I liked the idea of the Weekly Writing Challenge due to the ‘weekly’ nature of it rather than ‘daily’.

This week’s topic is Lunch Posts.  So here’s my Friday lunch story:

I was the only one in education today and I just fancied having a quiet lunch on my own in a sort of self imposed solitary confinement (which is rather apt given that I work in a gaol!), so rather than join the other officers in the mess room I sat and had lunch on my own.  In other words I felt like being anti-social!

The rain was pouring down outside and it was quite a good deal cooler than it has been lately.  I was comfortable and cosy, I had the daily papers for company and I sat and read them while munching on my delicious leftover lunch of chicken & roasted sweet potato salad.  It was very relaxing and I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet down time.

I also thought back to this time last week when I was still on holidays and we were in Melbourne for the Australian Open tennis.  The temperature was 44 degrees and we were HOT, there was a very warm northerly wind blowing at us which felt like a hair dryer on full blast blowing into our faces all day.  It was a very different feeling to today with the rain pouring down and the temperature at least 20 degrees cooler.  What a difference a week can make!

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