Gunshot….the soundtrack to my morning run

I’m not joking! My neighbour was out shooting this morning while I was out running. I couldn’t see him anywhere, I just kept hearing these random shots and hoped that he could see me.  In the end I used it as a training aid, every time I heard the shot I pretended it was the starting gun for a race and took off!  It did my hear rate good though and I got the highest rate so far in my 11 weeks of training.  Not sure if it was the sound of the gun or the type of interval training I was doing today.  Anyway it all worked out and I got home in one piece.

I am nearly at the end of my 12 week body transformation challenge and have signed up for another round!  I will be building on my running by doing the 10km running program so am very excited.  As I have said before I haven’t lost the amount of weight that I wanted to yet but have picked up so many new skills, improved my running ability and I feel fit and fantastic.

I can’t believe that how well I’ve done in such a short time, I’ve got my food intake organised, I am eating a much more varied diet and have shed centimetres from my waist and hips in particular.  I’m definitely leaner and my clothes fit better and in some cases are too loose now.

Life is good!


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