Month: February 2014

I’ve registered for my first 5km fun run, you can too – Mother’s Day Classic

MDC – I’ve registered, you can too | Mother’s Day Classic. I have just registered for my first 5km fun run – the Mothers Day Classic in Canberra on May 11 2014.   I am excited but also a bit nervous!  It’s for a great cause and I will be running it with my daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Ben.  They live in…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Sydney is a beautiful city and I love to visit the harbour whenever I’m there.  I was up early for a run before being locked inside at work meetings all day and decided to take these pictures of work going on at the Opera House. I was inspired by the weekly photo challenge topic of Threes and hope I have interpreted the topic correctly.  I’d love to hear your comments.

A stormy night in Sydney

Sydney was awash on Wednesday.  A storm had hit just as I arrived and it rained solidly for the next few hours. Later a severe weather warning was issued as more storms were forecast.

I took this photo from my hotel window to capture the night sky with the storm clouds building. It’s looking over Central station, which is a beautiful old building in its own right. I especially like the lighting on the buildings and the colours in the sky with just a few raindrops on the window to help set the scene.

Silence – is it just me or is it a bit creepy?

I’ve been thinking about this week’s writing challenge , the sound of silence, for a few days now and I always come back to the same question – is there a difference between silence and just plain quiet? According to google search, silent means not making or accompanied by any sound while quiet means making little or no noise.  There is a…

Good morning world

My magical morning run!

Good morning world

Hit the snooze button and miss this….no way!!

Morning runs are so worth getting up for, especially when it’s a morning like this!

Home is where the ❤️ is

Decided to have a rest over the weekend and feel very relaxed and ready for the week ahead. I took this photo early one morning last week and love it as it is my view every morning as I return home from my run/walk session. How lucky am I to have this view every day?


It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Finally it’s raining! We have had such hot weather for weeks and with days of bushfire smoke added in for good measure, it’s nice to finally have some relief! It’s hard to comprehend that in some places, like in the UK where my daughter lives, that flooding is occurring and in the US heavy snow falls are again the order…

Smoke gets in my eyes!

Smoke gets in my eyes!

Smoke from bush fires hundreds of kilometres away has been sitting over our town for days now. On one of my early morning runs this week, I took this photo, but unfortunately it doesn’t do any justice to how eerie it really looked!

The sun was a huge red orb in the smoky sky creating quite an eerie effect.

My phone just couldn’t capture it, although I am happy enough with the end result.

I was thinking while running that the body is amazing.  My body clock is now into its own routine and knows when I am to wake up for my morning runs, without the need for an alarm.  I just wake up, get dressed, set my heart rate monitor, set my phone app to track my run, turn on some music, grab my water bottle and go!  I do have every thing ready the night before and find that being organised really helps.  The 12wbt program is very good at getting you organised and so it becomes a part of daily and weekly life.

I’m very glad that I don’t have any breathing issues as running in the smoke could be very difficult for some. Despite sore calves and a sore Achilles’ tendon, I did the day’s tempo training for nearly an hour and on my way home noticed the sun though the pall of smoke. (Just as an aside, I have noticed that I am far more observant these days and love my early mornings runs as I never know what I will see to photograph.)

After a delicious breakfast of a poached egg and avocado toast I headed off to work.  The smoke hung around, literally, all day and combined with hot steamy temperatures made it quite an uncomfortable day so I was glad to be inside in an air-conditioned office.

The best part of my day was the hour long massage that I had booked to relieve my sore muscles. It was absolutely amazing and just what I needed!  As well as a massage I had some cupping done for the first time, it’s an old Chinese therapy, and I didn’t mind it at all.  I had a walk scheduled with friends for late in the afternoon but my therapist suggested that I just rest my legs for a bit and I took her advice.

The smoke is still here days later and rain is forecast for the weekend, so hopefully it eventuates as we are getting desperately dry.  Fire fighters need relief and we are all over the weeks of 30-40 Celsius temperatures.

Smoke on the water maybe…..


I have just realised that I am really missing my zero to hero community!  I haven’t posted in a while as I haven’t had the nudge that the daily challenge gave me.

I have just spent a nice evening fiddling with my blog putting into use some of the skills that I learnt throughout the 30 day challenge and feel pleased that I have remembered how to do things like links and editing my widgets.

Feel free to visit fellow heroes, have a look at my new page of my blogs that I’m proudest of and leave me a hello – I miss you all!

I aim to get involved in some of the other challenges soon, any suggestions gratefully accepted.  Stay in touch 🙂

Letter to myself – 12 wbt weekly challenge

The challenge for week 1 of this round of 12wbt is to write a letter to ourselves answering the following questions.  It’s  a good exercise and I think I’m lucky as I’ve been blogging about my feelings throughout the first round and into my second round, so I  have an idea of what’s been going on in my head. While the questions below…

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