Tumbatrek – a different way to spend a Saturday

Tumbatrek 2014

Tumbatrek 2014

Today was my final Super Saturday session on the Learn to Run program and what a day it’s been!! I walked nearly 15 Kms over 4.5 hours on the beautiful Hume and Hovell walking track, burnt 910 calories, enjoyed great company and all this was done in very hot conditions.

Mixing politics with pleasure

I was a part of the 2014 Tumba Trek with 82 other walkers ranging in age from 7 to late 70s. I walked with the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, Federal members Michael McCormack and Nigel Scullion, state members Darryl McGuire and Greg Aplin, local government personnel from here and away, the Tumba2Kokoda kids and their leaders, media bods, forestry people, national parks people, rail trail enthusiasts, locals, Rotary members, tourism people plus many keen walkers from all over the place. It was a a great group of people from all walks of life and made for a fun day.

Each year at around this time our little town of Tumbarumba plays host to an influx of Federal and State politicians, media and interested people for a walk called Tumba Trek. It started years ago and has included high profile politicians over time like Bob Carr and former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer who was our federal member at one stage. It became more well known when Tim decided to bring some of his buddies here to show them some of the prettiest parts of Australia and he just happened to be Acting Prime Minister at the time. He was running the country from our small corner of the world while on Tumba Trek!

This year we again had NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell. He loves coming here to get away from the rat race and has already committed to coming again next year. He loves the fact that he can come along and be himself with everyone, very few people harangue him and most just want to chat on general issues.  He is a big supporter of our Rotary Club project of taking high school students to walk the Kokoda Track every second year. Some of the kids who are planning to walk the track in 2015 walked today with the group and Barry was keen to share his experiences of walking the track with them. Nigel Scullion also spent time with the kids and their leaders and his support each year is much appreciated. The kids and their parents provided a much needed energy boost of delicious morning tea treats along the way for the walkers. They gained a lot of kudos for the way they handled themselves as they mingled with all the various walkers. Their leaders were the first aiders for the day and luckily weren’t required. The whole group were easy to pick out in their bright green Tumba2Kokoda t-shirts and I was also one of them.

It was a great day and constitutes as a very special Super Saturday Session for me.

I am now continuing onto the 10km running program and look forward to improving my times and fitness levels even more. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Learn to Run program and have done just that – learnt how to run again. Not bad for a 53 year old in a 45 year old body!!


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