Starting the 10km program – Day 1

Today I started the 12wbt 10km running program. I’m not nearly as stressed as I was at the start of my Learn to Run program 12 or so weeks ago. I’m an old hand at this now!!

I am following a similar meal plan to last round and now know all the tricks of customising my menus and getting my shopping list sorted for my big shop on a Sunday. I have the exercise plans printed for the week and feel a lot more ready than I was last time. It was all so new to me then.

Despite the oppressively hot days – we’ve been having 40+ for days on end and it’s a bit wearing – I managed to get up early and go for my run this morning a per usual. I enjoyed the change in training and feel ready to take on something new. I quite enjoyed the sprinting intervals this morning and liked the feeling of striding out (even if it was only for 60 seconds at a time) instead of my usual shuffle. I worked out what my heart rate should be at 85% of my maximum, and pretty much nailed it. I wish the numbers on my watch face were a bit bigger at times as I struggle to read the numbers correctly – does that sound like an old person talking or what?? I’m really not that old, it’s just very early in the morning, I tell myself!

I took this great photo of the sun coming through the pine trees this morning, it’s one of the things I enjoy most about my morning runs, the sunrises, the sky, the cooler air, the peacefulness.

I look forward to another great 12 weeks on the program, building up my running to 10kms and also improving my fitness even more.


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