Letter to myself – 12 wbt weekly challenge


The challenge for week 1 of this round of 12wbt is to write a letter to ourselves answering the following questions.  It’s  a good exercise and I think I’m lucky as I’ve been blogging about my feelings throughout the first round and into my second round, so I  have an idea of what’s been going on in my head.

While the questions below don’t really constitute a ‘letter’, I’ll preface them with a quick note to myself.

Dear Debbie

Here I am at 53 years of age and I’m learning the art of running (again).  Who would have thought??  It’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, being in my early fifties, because I still don’t feel that old.  The good news is that in a recent body analysis I am really only 45 – how fantastic is that?

Do you remember all those years ago when as a teenager, I was a champion runner, with the 100 and 200 metres being my speciality? Dad used to train me a few mornings a week and I represented school quite a few times throughout the high school years.  I was long limbed and skinny then and much the same height that I am now.  Life was good as I could eat anything I wanted and I did! Weight and body image weren’t the issue then that they are today thank goodness.

Now all these years later, I have had three children, I have managed to stay physically active with walking and cycling and I have managed to keep my weight relatively under control.  Over the years I have fluctuated of course but nothing too serious.  I have tried hard to eat sensibly and look after myself.

Last year I decided I wanted to challenge myself a bit more and decided to go on the 12wbt and do the Learn to Run program. I really enjoyed the whole process and improved my non stop running ability from 2.30 minutes to over 30 minutes!  I lost a few kilos, lost quite a few centimetres all over and toned up all over. I feel fantastic.  I am now on the 10km running program and hope to improve my skills even more.  I enjoy the structure of the 12wbt program and think it has really helped improve my health, my fitness levels, my eating habits and everything in between. I’m also loving the early morning runs, taking photos and blogging about it all.

Keep on running Debbie!!

Questions to ask ourselves:
Q1. How are you feeling about starting 12WBT? Scared? Excited? Indifferent?

A1. I’m feeling excited to continue with y plans to improve my running and my fitness.

Q 2. Why do you feel this way?

A2. I’ve seen the results after the first round of 12 weeks, and I know that I can improve these even more. This was a hard time with many celebrations – my birthday, Christmas, New Year, wedding anniversary, Australia Day, husband birthday, holidays –  but I did really well.  I managed to keep up with my exercise and meal plans, lost a small amount of weight and quite a few centimetres from my body.

Q 3. What do you feel the biggest challenges are going to be for you this Round?

A 3. Managing to keep up with the training regime and improve my running times.  The words 10km scare me a bit!

Q 4. What will it take to overcome these challenges?

A 4. Regular training, positive self talk, will power.

Q 5. What achievement(s) WILL make you the proudest?

A 5. Being able to run 10km or at least walk and run without too much trouble.  I am entering in the Mother’s Day classic and will do the 5km run with my daughter.  Toning up my body even more will make me proud as well.

Q 6. Who will be your main supporters? And who can potentially be your saboteurs (consciously or unconsciously)? How can these people help you reach your goals (yes you can even turn saboteurs into a positive)?

A 6. My friends and family are supportive but can also tend to think that I’m being a bit obsessed by it all.  I am focussed on improving my fitness levels and trying to lose a little weight along the way.  I have been told that I don’t have much weight to lose but while this is nice of people to say, it is still my body and I feel that I can afford to lose a few more kilos to be in tip top shape.  I will continue trying to maintain a healthy eating plan and it helps that I really love the weekly meal plans, menus and shopping lists provided.

Q 7. What words of encouragement would your best friend or loved one give you right now at the start of this journey? What would they say to you?

A 7. Go for it – Run for your life!

One Reply to “Letter to myself – 12 wbt weekly challenge”

  1. Centimetres is far, far more important than kgs. At my ‘skinniest’ I was 4kgs heavier than my lightest weight. Throw the scales away! You’re gonna need some decent muscle to run 10kms 🙂


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