Silence – is it just me or is it a bit creepy?

I’ve been thinking about this week’s writing challenge , the sound of silence, for a few days now and I always come back to the same question – is there a difference between silence and just plain quiet?

According to google search, silent means not making or accompanied by any sound while quiet means making little or no noise.  There is a subtle difference I think.  All I can think of are things like  the movie Silence of the Lambs and the TV series Silent Witness, which are both a bit scary and creepy to say the least.   And guns have silencers…

The word quiet doesn’t seem to me to have quite the same connotation that silent does, despite their meanings being very similar.  For instance I would rather have a quiet night in than a silent night in, a quiet car rather than a silent car, a quiet day at work rather than a silent day, a quiet baby rather than a silent baby, a quiet house rather than a silent house – do you get my drift?

It is very seldom that I am silent, but I am often quiet. I like to have background noise on around me when I am at work, at home, in the car or out running.  I don’t feel comfortable with silence for some reason. Think about the last time you were silent, was the world around you silent as well?

My world is rarely silent and for that I’m quietly glad.

2 Replies to “Silence – is it just me or is it a bit creepy?”

  1. I tend to think silence is when there are no thoughts running through my mind.. Silence is beautiful.. I love to have no thoughts.. no interruptions..
    I read this quote only a few hours ago..
    ‘Open your mouth, only if what you’re about to say is more beautiful than silence’
    I’m not sure who said it.. but I think it’s beautiful..


    1. That is a lovely quote Eliza and one many of us should take notice of! I agree that silence can be beautiful but my first thoughts for this challenge were of the creepy connotations of the word which led to my post. It’s great to see that everyone dealt with the topic in many different ways.


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