I’ve registered for my first 5km fun run, you can too – Mother’s Day Classic

MDC – I’ve registered, you can too | Mother’s Day Classic.

I have just registered for my first 5km fun run – the Mothers Day Classic in Canberra on May 11 2014.   I am excited but also a bit nervous!  It’s for a great cause and I will be running it with my daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Ben.  They live in Canberra so this will give us an excuse to have a weekend with them. My husband has volunteered to be our support crew and one man cheer squad.  We have named our team DeBS (our initials) and it’s what my girls usually call me – Debs – , so it is a very appropriate team name for us!

Many years ago (maybe 12yrs?) following major surgery, I entered a 5km walk in Melbourne with two of my daughters, Sarah & Eliza, who were both just teenagers at the time.  It was a great motivator, I had to train to build up my strength and we enjoyed the time together.  The girls loved the atmosphere, the organisation and the pure adrenalin rush of participating in such an event. Sarah didn’t do much training for the event but decided on the day that she was going to blitz the field so left Eliza and I way back in the pack.  She did really well so I’m hoping that this time I can at least stay with her.

I have been maintaining my 12wbt 10km training program and am going well. I am improving my fitness bit by bit and am getting comments from people who tell me that  I am looking very fit and healthy.  I feel fit and healthy so I am glad that it’s showing! I could have chosen the 10km run but don’t think I’m ready for that just yet.  I’ll tackle the 5km fun run first and maybe my next run can be 10km.

It’s great to have a goal to aim for.  Maybe you have a Mother Day Classic event somewhere near you – have a look at the link and register your team of family, friends or work colleagues.  I challenge you!

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