How I lost 3 years in 6 weeks!

That title sounds like a classic infomercial line but it’s true…. I have just undertaken a ‘6 week slim down in summer challenge’ with Carmen from Enerqi (the place for improved health and wellbeing in Tumbarumba) and discovered that my body thinks I am aged 42 instead of my actual age of 53. Very happy with that 😊 😊

At the beginning of the challenge the body composition analysis said that I was 45 and at the end of the 6 weeks I am apparently 42, which I think is pretty amazing. If I keep going at this rate I will be 21 again!

The results show that my visceral fat is well within the ‘good zone’, my muscle and fat percentages are ideal for my age, my BMI is dropping and I am feeling great. I also lost 2kg along the way and I am getting closer to my goal weight while learning how to eat more healthily and balanced. I am thoroughly enjoying exercising and am getting near to the addicted stage where I feel I’m letting myself down if I don’t get out and do something every day or so.

I must say that at the time of starting the 6 week challenge I was just finishing up my first 12 week body transformation (12wbt) Learn to Run program. I had managed to lose about 4.5kgs during that program and leant to run again, so I feel I was starting to get my body in order. I must admit to being very challenged during this time!! I love the 12wbt program and discovering new healthy food options and delicious recipes. Carmen’s 6 week challenge reinforced much of what I had been doing and her little shop provided an excellent source of healthy and good foods as well as her ongoing personal support to all those on the challenge.

This morning I went for a 8km run/walk around the lake in Belconnen in Canberra. I don’t usually run in public, as you may know from my various posts; I usually run alone in the forest near my house, on bush tracks and forest roads. I have entered the Mothers Day Classic 5km fun run in Canberra in May with my daughter and her boyfriend, so I need to get used to running in public and with other people.20140301-190028.jpg

I am in Canberra to attend a Rotary training weekend so I decided to go for a run before being cooped up in meetings all day. I got up early, got dressed in the dark, grabbed my sunglasses and set off, trying not to make too much noise and wake everyone as I left the house. I got outside and realised that it was raining! I couldn’t go back inside as I was now locked out and couldn’t ring anyone as they were all still asleep, so I decided to run in the rain!

So much for running in public – everyone else had decided to stay in bed and keep dry so I was virtually the only person out and about, except for a few hardy souls who were out walking with umbrellas. Soft! I got well and truly soaked but was very pleased that I managed to run/walk the first 5km in 40minutes.

I finished up with 8km under my belt and a sense of achievement. By the time I got back everyone was up and about and they all thought I was mad! What’s new?

Running in the rain!

What do you think? Make me smile with your words :)

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