Raindrops keep falling on my head!

I seem to have a knack at the moment for making it rain just as I start my morning run. This morning it was very dark at 6am and overcast. Just as I was getting into my tempo run it started to rain and very heavy! The rain drops were hard and fast and I was soaked within minutes. I kept going and finished my run despite being absolutely soaking wet. I squelched my way home, had a hot shower and got ready for a day at work.

I am finding it it very dark of a morning and have started wearing my head torch so that I can see where I’m going. The pine forest isn’t the lightest of places at the best of times so without any light it is quite spooky. The kangaroos seem to be sleeping in too. We have another month of daylight saving so it will get even darker in the next few weeks.

I have joined a group of runners in town who are preparing for a fun run.  We meet at 6am in town for our early morning training runs and I am enjoying running with other people for a change.  The other good thing about running in town  is the fact that there are street lights on and I don’t need my head torch. Bonus!

I have been told that I am getting close to being too skinny, I’ve lost just over 6kgs since I started the 12wbt quite a few months ago.  Apparently I’m looking fit and healthy but can’t afford to lose too much more weight, so my friends tell me. I am feeling good and am eating very well, thanks to the delicious 12wbt recipes and meal plans. I am enjoying the training for my first fun run -the Mothers Day Classic-  so I am happy to continue on my 10km running program.

My picture shows me soaking wet after getting caught in a downpour – raindrops just keep falling on my head!!

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