A few home truths

This week I’ve felt like I was about to hit the wall, I’ve been tired, worn out, hungry, rundown and with a general feeling of blah hanging over me. I have been busy all week with work, Rotary commitments, running and life but nothing too out of the ordinary. I decided to take stock and be honest with myself about a few things and I figured International Women’s Day is the ideal day to do just that.

Here’s my list of my top ten home truths – the good and the bad!

  1. I feel guilty. I am lucky to live the sublime life that I live, I am loved by my family, want for nothing and then feel guilty because other women don’t have the same opportunities and life that I have. I’m also irrational and lack logic – obviously!
  2. I try to always look for the positives and this can be hard work at times.
  3. I am generous – with time and money, I try to help those less fortunate than myself and enjoy being involved in Rotary as one way of helping.
  4. I am honest – sometimes too much so and can be very blunt!
  5. I want to be valued and often I don’t feel it.
  6. I get tired, cranky, rundown, sad – and it’s ok to feel like this from time to time.
  7. I am a woman – not wonderwoman or superwoman – just a woman! I try too hard sometimes and must remember my limitations.
  8. 8. I apologise far too much – often for things that aren’t even my fault. I must stop it!
  9. I am too eager to please others and end up leaving myself out of the equation altogether.
  10. I am sensitive. I feel things, I react to things, I think too much about things, I wear myself out worrying about things I have no control over. I don’t like being ridiculed, criticised or misunderstood but I often am.

This list is just a snapshot of how I am feeling at the moment, it may well change tomorrow. It’s good to sit down every now and again and take a look at what’s going on in your head. I feel better already!

We are all Wonder Women
So true!

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, with not much planned for a change. I hope everyone enjoys International Women’s Day – make sure you celebrate the uniqueness of you.

I know I am special, I am unique and I am a woman of the world.

Debbie x

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