Feeling better

The creekscape looking beautiful in the early morning sunshine.

The creekscape looking beautiful in the early morning sunshine.

Considering how I was feeling on Friday, I am surprised I did so much over the weekend. I was down and out on Friday night, a combination of a busy week at work, my running training, Rotary commitments, dinner at our place for 12 friends mid week and a general feeling of blah hanging over me. I had noticed during the week that despite following my eating plan I was hungry most of the time. I haven’t had any dramatic weight loss or anything much change but I was definitely not feeling as good as I have been lately.

Anyway, I had agreed to join a local group of people for a training walk/run at 7.30am on Saturday morning, so got up and headed out. I went to the spot where I thought they were meeting but no one showed up, so I set off by myself. (Little did i know that the meeting place had been posted on Facebook and I hadn’t checked it before I left home). I was only going to do a 5km circuit but decided that I could do a bit more and ended up doing 10.3km which I was thrilled with. I felt good and obviously needed to push through the feeling of lassitude that had come over me. I took this photo of the creekscape on my way back, it was beautiful in the early morning sunshine. I went home, ate well and rested up.

On Sunday afternoon there was a training session planned for a group who are entering in a local mud, sweat and beers event next month. I joined them and we spent over an hour running, jumping, crawling along the ground, doing obstacle training – all in the rain with a storm threatening to hit at any moment.  I must admit to not running through the creek, crawling through the tunnels, and a few other things but I kept moving the whole time and managed to keep up with them all.  I was a good 10 years older than the next oldest person there so I was very pleased that I went so well. It was a good 500 calorie session, so not to be sneezed at.

I took the opportunity of a quiet weekend to go through my wardrobe and had to put quite a few pieces of clothing in the op shop bag. I was very surprised with just how baggy a lot of my work trousers were, I didn’t realise just how much I had changed shape over the past few months.

I am starting to feel more comfortable running with others and can see how far I have progressed, and I know that I can keep up. Not bad at all for an old girl!!

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