Update!! Selfie alert.

Not used to taking selfies - feeling awkward!
Not used to taking selfies – feeling awkward!

I took this photo of myself this morning just after I got out of bed, as one of my daughters had nominated me in the latest no makeup selfie challenge, which is currently doing the rounds of social media. I don’t wear a lot of makeup anyway and I deliberately didn’t do my hair this morning! The aim is to take a selfie, au naturale, put it up on Facebook and donate money for breast cancer research. I didn’t put mine up on Facebook but I have not only donated money, I’ve registered for the Mother’s Day Classic run in Canberra on 11 May 2014, which is in aid of Breast Cancer research. I’m very happy with that! By the way, I’m obviously not in the habit of taking selfies which is why it took me ages to get one that I was moderately happy with and why I look so awkward.

There does seem to be a few differing opinions around this latest craze. As long as the donations are being made and going to the right cause I can’t see the problem. Going makeup free would be good for a lot of people and being brave enough to share their bare look could be quite liberating for some. As long as it’s all done in the right spirit. There’s no comparison to to be made with someone who is going through this dreadful ordeal though.

Since being on the 12wbt I haven’t lost a lot of weight like some people on the program, but I have changed my body shape. I know this because I have had to re-evaluate my wardrobe (again). I have gone down two sizes in some instances and have had a big clean out. I have also been shopping! I now understand why it makes such a difference having the right bra. I had a fitting with a lovely patient saleslady yesterday and it’s a long time since I have worn a bra this size. It makes such a difference to the look of clothes and despite the change in size the right bra makes the most of what little I do have!!

Best news tonight – my eldest daughter in England rang to tell us that her boyfriend proposed today and they are now engaged! This is very exciting!!  She is the first of my 3 girls to get engaged, although they are all in committed relationships with lovely young men.  She is very happy and excited as it was a big surprise and not at all expected!image

What do you think? I love hearing your thoughts and appreciate your comments.

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