Weekly writing challenge: writerly reflections

Writerly reflections:

how and when did my love of reading and writing start? This is the week’s writing challenge.

Which books did you love growing up?  

I love reading and I have always been a voracious reader. As a child I read books such as Secret Seven, Famous Five, Trixie Belden, Anne of Green Gables, Nancy Drew, Little Women, before moving on to other titles and genres as I got older & more sophisticated in my reading choices.   I was always happiest sitting quietly and losing myself in a book. I will now read almost anything and very rarely do I give up and not finish reading a book that I start. I love young adult fiction, (despite being a bit older than a young adult), I love time travel, some fantasy, science fiction, historical novels, non fiction, biographies, travel books, picture books, Swedish/Danish crime fiction –  in short, I’ll read nearly anything.

Do you remember your first original composition? What was it? How did you feel while writing it?

I don’t remember my first composition but I do remember being told by my English teacher that I was good at writing and this comment has stayed with me and encouraged me to continue.

Did you secret your writing away or share it with family and friends?

I always kept a diary and tended to keep it as a secret. I wrote little stories and always thought that I wanted to become an author. I now write blogs instead.

What sort of writing do you enjoy doing best?

Fiction? Nonfiction? Creative Nonfiction? Poetry? Memoir? Other? – I enjoy writing things that are basically non fiction, memoirs and my daily thoughts on random events. I like writing travel blogs when I go on holiday and I have recently written pieces comparing the lives of  my daughters with my life at the same age.  My husband and I also make books through Blurb.com.  We make holiday books using our photos from trips, we make books from my travel blogs, we make special birthday and anniversary books for family.  We love creating our own books!

This picture of the orange door to nowhere summarises my writing – feel free to enter but you won’t necessarily know where it will take you.

Orange door to nowhere!
Orange door to nowhere!

What are your writerly aspirations? Do you write for yourself, or to become published? 

I tend to write for myself but I do enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts with anyone who may be interested.   I’m not looking to be published as such but I like knowing that others are able to read my blogs, especially when they take the time to make a comment telling me that they’ve enjoyed reading it.

Why do you write?

To express myself.

What keeps you writing?

I love challenging myself to write and I enjoy the creative side to writing. I have lots of thoughts running around my head and like to get them out by writing them down.   I like sharing my thoughts and photos with various audiences. I also love running and feel more creative when I’m active.

Do you have a daily writing practice?

Not really, but I do like the weekly challenges to prompt me to write, otherwise I might not get around to it.  I read daily and am keeping a list of all the books I read in 2014 as a blog page.  

So that’s a brief wrap up of my writerly reflections, nothing earth shattering I’m afraid –  just my thoughts! I am still happiest when I’m lost in a book.


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