Sisterly fun

I visited my sister in Melbourne recently, her husband Tim has moved there for work and Sharon is in between places. Our parents were also visiting so it was too good an opportunity to pass up.  

I haven’t seen my sister for a few months and she has lost even more weight than the last time I saw her – her total loss now stands over 40kgs – and she looks fantastic. Talk about a body transformation !! It makes my piddly loss of 7kgs pale into insignificance, but I must remember that it’s all relative.  She has achieved her goal weight and is now on a maintenance plan. I am still on track to reach my goal weight and I have approximately another 3kgs to go.

When I cleaned out my wardrobe recently, due to my shrinking size, I kept the nicest things separate hoping that she wouldn’t mind me donating them to her.  I can happily say that she wasn’t offended, in any way, with what amounted to a big bag of my hand me downs. She was in heaven having so many ‘new’ things to wear. It’s hard losing so much weight as she’s had to go through so many sizes which tends to be quite expensive.

We had a fun weekend with shopping trips, early morning runs and bike rides, a manicure/pedicure, eating out, visited a garden show and generally just enjoyed spending time together. We went out each morning with Sharon & Tim riding their bikes with me running. 

The first morning we did about 5km and I managed to keep up most of the time.  The next morning we went for a much longer session of over 10km and I felt like a rower in some ways.  My sister was riding on the road encouraging me along and all I could think of was how the rowers on the Yarra have their trainers ride along the pathways next to the river with their megaphones yelling instructions and encouragement. It was a great morning’s effort and reminded me of how much fun it is to exercise with others.

We ran and rode along a great trail next to the Yarra River and ended up at a Children’s Farm and cafe which was preparing for a busy day. We got there just after opening at 8am and watched how many riders, walkers, runners, dog walkers –  of all ages – stopped by for takeaways or called in for. Quick refreshment as we did.

I have noticed that I am getting better at longer runs and feel my best at about the 20 to 40 minute mark of a run.  I feel good for a while and really stride it out and once over the hour and a half mark I am starting to flag.  Not bad for someone who couldn’t run for more than a few minutes when I started.  I am really enjoying the feeling I get when I’m running, the pushing myself on, the mind games I play with myself along the way challenging my body further each time.

Deb 🙂

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One Reply to “Sisterly fun”

  1. It really was a very nice weekend Deb and I was so pleased to be able to share the time with you all, I of course didn’t do any early morning runs or bike rides but they certainly sounded like fun. I enjoyed all the other activities we did together and hope we get to do it again. I must add that you really do look good and we are very proud of your achievements.


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