Weekly photo challenge: on top

Nothing like a brisk early morning walk when you get to see views from on top like this!! Good morning world!!

Early morning view over town
Early morning view over town

I have managed to include two challenges in this one post, I hope that’s allowed!  Weekly photo challenge on top and Blogging 201.

I have been experimenting with my blog as per the Blogging 201 tasks – I’ve changed my theme but am worried that the colour of some of the text gets lost especially on the left hand side. Any comments?


8 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: on top”

  1. Good misty morning to you! On my desktop, yes, the text for “This is me” and “Welcome to my World” is pretty much indecipherable to these 58 year old eyeballs. Further down, the orange/brown text on the grey/brown background is also difficult to read.


    1. Thanks for the reply Maggie, I thought as much and my own eyes are just a bit younger than yours! On my desktop it all comes up as fine but on my other devices it’s as you say, quite hard to read. I was actually in the process of changing it to something a bit easier to read when I got your message – I’ve just made it a blue background instead and hopefully it’s easier to read, although I did like the autumnal tones! Have a nice Easter!

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