I ran 49.11kms in 2 hours? So said my app…

Out for my super Saturday session today in the glorious autumn sunshine. It was my long run for the week, so a bit slower pace. My run keeper app told me that I did 49.11km in 2 hours & sent me a congratulatory email and all. I know I’m improving but hey that’s a bit too far fetched!

PS. I really wanted to see what this format looks like in my new theme 😊

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  1. And I like that App! It, and the new format are keepers!

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  2. 49 km in 2 hours?!? I think there must have been a glitch. Did you have it on in the car too? I’ve done that, oops!

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    • No cars involved Fi! Must be just my awesome speed πŸ˜‰ it will definitely be a hard PB to beat, but at least all the calories I burnt will allow me to eat an Easter egg…or two!


  3. You must have a bug in the system Deb, love the new format, so much easier to see and read. Keep up the good work.


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