Weekly writing challenge: Great expectations – do they ever live up to the hype?

I often have high expectations which don’t always live up to the hype, but as yet I haven’t changed my way of thinking. Then again, I also don’t let myself get too expectant, probably to protect myself from disappointment.  I don’t even know if these two sentiments make sense!

I have expectations of receiving  roses but they never arrive!
I have great expectations of receiving roses but they never arrive!

I find that I get really surprised – probably because I haven’t allowed myself to get too expectant. This happens quite often and an example is my 50th birthday celebrations a few years ago.  Two of my daughters were living overseas and I knew they couldn’t come home for my big bash and accepted that this was the case.  I didn’t dare let myself expect anything and low and behold they all came home to surprise me, which meant that I had all three girls together instead of just the one I was expecting to spend time with. I was genuinely surprised and utterly excited, thrilled, happy etc etc that they had all made such a huge effort, planned the surprise so well that I was kept out of the loop (if you knew me you would know how hard that is to do) and managed to keep me from ‘expecting’ them to come home.  The funny thing is that they did it again a few years later when all three turned up, I was only expecting 2 of them to visit.  Again, I was genuinely surprised.  You would have thought I’d be used to them doing this sort of thing by now – I don’t know how my daughters ended up being so sneaky!

Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise.

Alice Walker

What do I know?

  1. I know I expect far too much from some people and am often disappointed
  2. I know I also expect too much from myself
  3. I know I expect my life to continue on as it has for the last little while – I’m in a good place at the moment
  4. I know I have great expectations for my daughters’ lives but understand that this is out of my control – I can only hope for the best
  5. I know I build up my expectations for events and am surprised if they go to plan
  6. I know I am often pleasantly surprised by outcomes despite my expectations

Great Expectations is the Weekly Writing Challenge topic for this week – it’s always interesting to see how others interpret these prompts .  Click here for more details.


10 Replies to “Weekly writing challenge: Great expectations – do they ever live up to the hype?”

  1. Apart from not having any daughters; I felt as though I’d written this post. It so neatly encapsulates me. Thanks for posting (and being more eloquent than I probably would have been) 🙂


    1. Thanks Su! That’s a great compliment. I enjoyed thinking through the issue of my expectations & am glad that I’m not alone in my thinking 🙂


  2. Placing too many expectations on other people can lead to disappointment. I found that I could enjoy relationships better when I was open to being surprised by them rather than compare them to my expectations! What a wonderful surprise you daughters manage to keep pulling off! 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean. I am very lucky & love surprises so my girls can keep surprising me for as long as they like!!


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