Butterfly transformation complete!

I have now officially completed 2 x 12wbt programs back to back. That’s 6 months I have been following the plans – it’s flown by! I have not only survived my birthday, Christmas, New Year, wedding anniversary, holidays, Easter – I am proud to say that I haven’t had a major blowout.  I value all the hard work I have put into it too much!

I did the learn to run program late last year, then moved onto the 10km running program this year – I have thoroughly enjoyed it all.

I probably haven’t followed all the non-running daily plans as well as I should but I made sure that I did something every day, either a walk or a run. I made sure that I followed the running sessions religiously!!

I haven’t lost much weight this last time but have stayed consistent and have dropped a dress size or two, had to buy a whole new selection of bras, gave away most of my clothes to my sister, shopped for new things and enjoyed feeling trim, taut and terrific. My measurements and stats tell a great story. Love that feeling 🙂

I would recommend the 12wbt program to anyone who is committed to improving their lifestyle.  The recipes have been quick, delicious and nutritious; the support has been wonderful; the videos from Michelle have been inspiring and supportive; the exercise plans easy to follow; the shopping lists have been a godsend and the results speak for themselves.  I now love running and the feeling that it gives me – the quiet time, the pushing myself, the creative time to think, the sense of accomplishment. I have run my first 5km park run and am running in the Mother’s day Classic in Canberra in May.  I can now run in public which I never thought I would do – so many achievements!

I am a bit worried about being on my own now but think I have learnt what I can eat and how much exercise I need to do to maintain my new slimline model.

My butterfly transformation is now complete and I am now a fully hatched beautiful butterfly!

What do you think? Make me smile with your words :)

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