Month: May 2014

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet

A funny thing happened on the train today….I was on my way back to Central after attending the first day of the Youth Exchange pre convention meetings at Olympic Park at the 2014 Rotary International Convention in Sydney.  The train was full of Rotarians, youthful Rotaractors and exchange students, when a happy bunch came in, saw my name badge and…

5 seconds on Friday – High tea on the Rail Trail

Another week, another 50 or words or less to tell the story!

High Tea while riding on the High Country Rail Trail, old trestle bridges, drinks in rustic country pub. Picnic lunch, sunny autumn days.

Home hosted UK Rotary visitors; wombats everywhere, a walk in the dark with friends.  

Lovely chats with my daughters and my mother.

Worked; blogged; ran; new hairdo!

and that’s the week that was for this week.

Feel free to join in and share your 5 seconds of Friday

High Tea food stop

High Tea food stop

What’s happening in my neck of the woods? Come for a walk…

What’s happening in my neck of the woods I hear you ask?  Blog your Block is a way of looking at old and familiar sights with new eyes.  I love travelling and believe that when we travel we see the mundane with new eyes and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Let’s go for a walk around the block! It’s just after 5pm,…

Weekly photo challenge: on the move

This weekend it’s Mother’s Day here in the land downunder and people are on the move – visiting, shopping, riding bikes, walking, having coffee together, and some, like me, are running in special Mothers Day Classic fun runs to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

As a warmup to the main event on Sunday, my daughter and I did the Lake Ginninderra Parkrun this morning.  We both did well despite not feeling confident in our running for various reasons.  It was my second run at this parkrun and her first time.

This is a picture of the lake as we started out, taken on my iPhone  – it definitely wasn’t ‘on the move’ as shown by the reflection of the sky in the water.

The other two photos are of us getting ready to go and then one picture of us on the move, taken by one of the race officials.  I think I have covered this week’s prompt!!

For more info on this week’s topic click here and you can see many other examples of life on the move – lots of great pics!

Adding some colour to your day

Autumn colours to brighten your day.

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