My name is Debbie and I’m addicted to…jackets!

I have a confession to make – I am obsessed with jackets at the moment.  There I’ve said it! Please don’t judge me 🙂

All week I have had to plan my work outfits around my jacket obsession.  I have worn my groovy black one, which I bought recently with my sister, (what a fun time we had shopping together!!); I have worn my new white one with black trim and cute pockets for the first time this week; the red textured one was worn today and tomorrow it may just be the orange (high vis) one. I have my brown tweedy riding look alike jacket which I have had for years and feel like I just need to don a pair of riding boots and jodhpurs and I’d fit right in at any gymkhana, despite my dislike of anything horsy; I have a few black ones, with collars and without, a brown one, a few trench coats, an orange duffel coat, a red woollen winter coat and various others. I like colour and texture in clothes and I love structure.  I like the buttoned up effect at the right time too, which says something about my personality I think!

As the weather cools down and we approach the winter months I don’t need any excuse to don a jacket and the hardest thing is choosing which one!  I know I must sound like some fashionista but I’m not, I’m just a jacket junkie.

I have collected my jackets over many years and the benefit of not changing sizes too often means that I can just re wear them year after year, which I do.  I love the effect of a jacket, they are just so smart and I feel so smart when I wear them.  I have lots of cute little cardigans but….they just don’t cut it for me.  I am quite small and enjoy the increase in size that a well cut jacket gives me.  Maybe it’s like the shoulder pad effect and I’m turning into some power dresser!  I did go into work today and stated to my colleagues that I think I’m currently obsessed with jackets and they just looked at me and said ‘you think?’ Obviously my secret obsession isn’t such a secret.

Is there some fashion item that you are obsessed with?  Maybe you collect scarves…I have a few of them too, all different colours and sizes….but don’t get me started! Let me know that I’m not alone here.

3 Replies to “My name is Debbie and I’m addicted to…jackets!”

  1. I wish I’d bought that black jacket when we went shopping together. I’ve been looking out for one since then and haven’t found anything I like as much. Maybe you’ll have to come back down so we can go shopping together again!


    1. You should have bought it, I wear mine all the time and love it, and the boots I got and…….I’ll come back down soon so we can go have some more fun!!


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