5 seconds on a Friday – my first post here

A lot has happened since last Friday…here I  go in 50 words or less…deep breath…

Drive to Canberra, dinner with family, 5km Parkrun, shopping, movie, 5km Mother’s Day Classic run, 2 personal bests, sunshine, autumn colours, work, afternoon run, Rotary meeting, amazing massage, Rail Trail meeting, drive 6 hours to work meeting for 3 days, morning walk, visit with in-laws, drive 6 hours, home, pizza!

I am going to try to do this each Friday as a wrap up of the week that was!

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  1. Okay, here’s my summary …

    Drive 150kms to work with a colleague for the day, meet my Honours student for an extended discussion, collect Tim from the airport (best part of the day), dinner with Tim and a friend, drive 150kms home. Excitement as dogs and grandchildren realise that Tim is home; morning tea with friends at their new house; work on an assignment all afternoon – experience huge levels of frustration. Mothers Day visit to in-laws; more work on my assignment. Phone calls from children. Phone call to mum. Walk 10,000 steps and footy in the park with dogs, daughter and grandsons. Work. Work. Work. Melbourne. Job interview. Assignment work. Repeat. Submit assignment. Write comment on sister’s blog. Relax.

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    • Thanks for the update especially the mention in your very busy week. Try to keep it to 50 words or less next time or you will be marked down 😜
      How did the interview go?


  2. Then realise that the next assignment is due in 3 weeks. Stop relaxing!


  3. Yay for your personal bests. I like your summary, what a clever idea:)

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    • Thanks for the comment Laura. It’s amazing what you can come up with when you’re driving for 6 hours on your own!! So much thinking time. I’ll try to keep it up every Friday. Feel free to join in. 😊


  4. Thats lot of driving.. I like canberra. It colder and quiter than other cities ..


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