What’s happening in my neck of the woods? Come for a walk…

What’s happening in my neck of the woods I hear you ask?  Blog your Block is a way of looking at old and familiar sights with new eyes.  I love travelling and believe that when we travel we see the mundane with new eyes and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Let’s go for a walk around the block! It’s just after 5pm, so it’s starting to get dark already.  Down the back steps noticing all the glorious colours in the leaves which have fallen from the trees over the past few weeks.  Some trees still have their leaves but the majority have lost them to the ground and the best colours have been and gone.  They are magnificent when at their best, it’s a beautiful time of year and I love having  four distinct seasons.   Through the first gate and look to the right to see that the vineyard has been stripped bare and is settling in for the winter months.  The wombats live over near that fence but it’s a bit early for us to see them. Look up, the sky is streaked with red as the sun sets in the west.  Through the second gate and we’re onto the dirt road that encircles the pine forest at the back of our property.  I sometimes feel like I’m in a fairy-tale as I enter the forest with it’s dark, forbidding presence. There is surprisingly more life than you imagine in the forest, which is often described as a barren waste land – there are rabbits, kangaroos, colourful mushrooms, toadstools, spider webs, clingy blackberry bushes looking to catch you whenever they can and numerous other creatures I never get to see but can only imagine.

We walk and run along the track and although it’s quite cold, we have to remove one layer to stop from overheating.  The rocks on the road threaten to trip us over but not today.  The darkness settles around and the track is quite hard to see, luckily we know it well by now.   The cows in the paddocks look at us as if we are mad and after 30 minutes of walking and running it really is time to head back despite feeling pretty wonderful.  The crisp night air is invigorating and the exercise is just what was needed after sitting in an office all day.  Back through the gates and the warm and cold draughts of air follow the contours of the ground as we make our way through the paddock.  Kangaroos bound away, scared of this strange unknown creature running with such a weird two legged style.

The stars start appearing in the clear sky above us and the house looks welcoming with the lights on and smoke rising from the fire, the dinner cooking smells good.  It’s cosy and warm once inside.

It’s autumn here at the moment so it’s dark and cold in the morning and it gets dark and cold early in the evening – in between times the fog lifts, the sun shines, and it’s reasonably warm.  Unfortunately this is when I’m stuck inside at work!

I don’t live on a normal block, I live out of town on 18 acres, next to a vineyard and with no near neighbours.  It’s a beautiful spot with views of snow capped mountains (Australian style) in winter and hills all around.  I never fail to get a thrill when I drive home and see my house sitting in the paddock just waiting for me to get in. I love being able to get out and walk or run whenever I can – even if it’s dark!

Walking on the dark side
Walking on the dark side

It’s more than likely a very different block than yours.  It is a beautiful place and one that I love seeing with fresh eyes whenever I have guests to share with.  Thanks for joining me on today’s walk, I hope you enjoyed it too.


10 Replies to “What’s happening in my neck of the woods? Come for a walk…”

  1. Wow.. such a great description of the walk.. I hope I can soon enjoy the beauty you are referring to. Would love to live in an environment near mountains. I just hope there is a lake by the side though, so I can and enjoy the beauty of nature even more.. 🙂 Your post made me smile 🙂


    1. Thanks for dropping by Lorianne, hope you enjoyed the walk! Shame we didn’t see the wombats but i can assure you there is a family of four who have taken up residence. I must admit I also think it’s heaven living here 🙂


  2. It’s autumn here too, but no snow-capped mountains of any style nearby. We just get the cold without the beauty. I think your beautiful description just gave me some lifestyle-envy (in a good way)!


    1. Your comment has made my day!! Thanks, I’m glad I managed to convey the beauty of it to you. I am very lucky to live where I do and I make sure that I enjoy my surroundings at every opportunity. 😊


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