How many different versions of ‘me’ are there?

Don’t panic! I’m not suffering from multiple personality issues (perhaps I am says another part of me!), but this week’s writing challenge asks the question, how many versions of ‘you’ exist and what would happen if they collided?

This is an interesting subject as I work in an environment where I can’t really be ‘me’. I have to be someone else so I turn into a straight laced, buttoned up, locked down, professional, bossy,  sensible, responsible, more serious version of myself.

I’m not saying that I’m normally a barrel of laughs but I am usually a bit ditzy, quirky and excitable to say the least, and to have to put on a new persona each day and shut myself down, to some extent, is quite tricky. I have to do it though for my own protection due to where I work. Sometimes when I’m with staff I show bits of my real self and enjoy letting go but most of the time at work I’m a very different person. If I’m honest I do enjoy getting to be two very different versions and I appreciate getting away from work ‘me’ whenever I can, to just relax.

I once did a management course where you had to describe yourself by choosing from a selection of animals and I chose the lion. When I told my daughters this story they laughed so hard and suggested I really should have chosen a kitten. Still in the same family but far from how I saw myself. They were coming from the point of view of only seeing my ‘mother’ me and cannot comprehend my ‘work’ me. I don’t dare think how either side would be if I got confused one day and swapped personas! Now that would be interesting!!

Then there’s the wife me, the mother me, the daughter me, the sister me, the friend me, the blogging me, the running me, the Rotary me, the travelling me, the real me……so many people in one little body. That’s what makes us all interesting – we are made up of many versions of ourselves and how we interact with people make them either want to get to know us more or move on without making the effort.  I have written about some of these thoughts before – Reputation, who am I really, I’m addicted to jackets, lunching with myself, a few home truths.

I have enjoyed writing this post and you can be sure that’s the real me speaking 🙂

So true…


7 Replies to “How many different versions of ‘me’ are there?”

  1. I love pondering how many versions of ‘me’ are out in the world. The revelation first came to me in church, of all places. It also makes me ponder how little I really know of the people in my life. For example, I have no idea what it would be like to have my sister as an employee or my niece as a landlord. Thanks for sharing. Great article 🙂


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