Don’t count the days….

News just in on an amazing effort… Doctor Betty, the doctor who delivered me over 50 years ago in Murwillumbah, has only just retired from medical practice aged 90!!

I’m sure I won’t be still working in my profession at that age but I take my hat off to anyone who obviously loves their work so much.

Congratulations and huge respect to all those who work way past the accepted age of retirement.

I am reminded of a favourite quote:

don’t count the days, make the days count

Once a poser, always a poser!!

2 Replies to “Don’t count the days….”

  1. I love that some people stay dedicated to a profession well past retirement age. I often marvel at the Supreme Court and how many of them are appointed well passed the age ‘early bird specials” and senior discounts. These types of people show a passion for life 🙂


    1. I’m glad someone agrees with me Laura. Some I’ve spoken to say that they are well past their use by date & should have left years ago. I like to think they are still being useful and making a difference! But I’m an optimist 🙂


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