Weekly photo challenge: Contrast – the difference a week makes

Fire burning non stop
Fire burning non stop

A week ago we were celebrating my mother’s birthday at my place.  We were dressed lightly,  no heavy winter clothes, no scarves, gloves or coats were required. As we wandered around the garden with family members, enjoying the wintery sunshine and showing them our delightful sun room, we even commented on what a lovely mild winter it had been so far. As mum and dad come from a much warmer area and were staying for 10 days, we were pleased that the weather was so mild as they wouldn’t suffer too much frostbite (slight exaggeration there).

Considering it was the winter solstice weekend we were very happy to be able to host a houseful of people without too much trouble, where the kids could run around and play, the adults could mingle inside and outside and the sun shone brightly. In short, it was a beautiful winter’s day.

Well, that jinxed us, as the next day Winter arrived in full force.

The contrast in the weather in just one week has been amazing, even though we knew it couldn’t last. The rain started falling and it’s still raining a week later, the snow fell and nearby we have a beautiful winter wonderland, suitable for a classic Australian Christmas in July celebration. The fire has been burning non stop, many cups of tea have been consumed and extra layers of clothes worn. And mum and dad have still been cold!

The photo challenge asked for contrast and I thank my mother for the suggestion of the contrast between this Sunday and last week.  More detail on the weekly challenge can be found by clicking this link, it’s amazing what people come up with in their responses.

Enjoy the summer weather all you northern hemisphere bloggers as I am enjoying the fact that the days are getting ever so longer down here.

I have included links here to other some recent posts. 50 word summary of the week and last weeks photo challenge, as they cover similar topics.

3 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Contrast – the difference a week makes”

    1. Thanks Sue! I don’t consider myself to be very creative as I think I tend to take things too literally. I am very happy to accept your comment on my creativity!! Weather is fickle but I do love living with four distinct seasons.


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