5 seconds on a Friday – silver linings

I decided to try to write from a more positive perspective and have looked for the silver lining in our recent time with family. There are no words to describe the past week and a half, so I didn’t even attempt a wrap up last Friday. I did write a separate post which helped me get my thoughts together – which I called Shock – feel free to have a read.

Here’s my silver lining summary but not in 50 words or less…that would have been just too hard!

Warm sunny days
Spring flowers, wattle, magnolias flowering
My three girls together with all the family
Fun times with everyone
beautiful days at the beach
playing on the swings
walking and running along the beach when I should have been at work
running at anytime of the day and continually beating my running times
walks in the bush
frost free days
endless cups of tea
sharing stories and memories
reconnecting with old friends
sleeping in
being looked after
girl time pedicure fun
lots of takeaways
world famous fish and chips at the beach
running with the kangaroos (forget running with the bulls)
chatting in the sun
my silly girls breathing fresh air into our days
roast dinners
lots of cake and biscuits
hugs and kisses
vases of flowers everywhere
childhood memories rediscovered
reminiscing over old photos
years disappearing the more we talked
slow days, long days
tremendous support from family and friends
finding out just how many people loved Cliff!

This was my first attempt for this week’s 50 word summary without the silver lining theme – I don’t think it’s too bleak:

Sadness, shock, stunned silence.
Daughters arrival
Family together
Photos, stories, laughter, tears.
Warm days at the beach, sand & the soothing sound of waves.
Runs along the coast & in the bush with kangaroos.
Funeral black, hugs, tears, kisses, goodbyes. Old friends, good friends, Tumbarumba friends.
Love & support for family – never ending.

Let me know how you deal with grief and if writing is helpful to you.

I keep hearing the song sunshine after the rain playing in my head!

7 Replies to “5 seconds on a Friday – silver linings”

  1. My experiences with grief have had a profound affect on my soul. I deal with grief one moment at a time. Some moments are painful, some are reflective, and some are bittersweet but moment by moment is how I heal and become whole again. Grief leaves a scar, you always know your loss but like a scar, over time it serves only as a reminder but stops bleeding when it is scratched. Grief is personal even when it is shared by many others, it is a journey inward that eventually helps us to reach out and be a part of the humanity around us.
    Blessings to you and your family during this time! And yes, writing helps me work though my thoughts and emotions as I grieve. Sometimes I journal and then throw it away because I just need to get it out but have no desire to keep the thoughts. Other things I may keep.


    1. Thanks Laura. Your thoughts on grief are very true and expressed in such a lovely way. I appreciate you sharing these with me and take heart from them.


  2. I love the photo of you on the swing – the feeling is complex, which is as one would expect knowing the context. I wish you well as you experience the loss of your brother-in-law.


    1. Thanks for your kind words Maggie. The swing was a good feeling and sort of a metaphor for everything I’ve been feeling lately. I must admit to laughing and screaming (at the same time) while they were pushing me higher and higher. Loss is hard to come to terms with but I’m sure we’ll get through it.


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