In Copenhagen – feels like we are are on the set of a Danish TV show

We have returned to Denmark, a place we have come to love.

People ask us why we like coming to Denmark and it’s easy to answer – we have Sophie and her family to visit. Sophie came to us as a 16 year old exchange student in 1997/98 and we have stayed in contact. We have always enjoyed visiting her and her family, where we feel welcome and are treated just like family.

We love the history, the style, the colour, the culture and the scenery of Denmark, and Copenhagen in particular. We also love Scandinavian TV shows like Borgen, The Killing and The Bridge, so to be able to walk around the places where they are filmed is great fun.

Fredensborg Castle
Fredensborg Castle

Today we did just that! We had our very own Borgen tour and as it was the first Tuesday of October, the Danish parliament opened which made it all the more exciting. The flags were flying, the Queen was there somewhere (and maybe Princess Mary as well) and the Danish female Prime Minister, Helle, officially opened proceedings. There was a protest going on outside the parliament but we gave them a wide berth and climbed The Tower for a view over the city. For almost 100 years there was a secret room at the top of Christiansborg where plaster statues gathered dust and only Parliamentary officers went when it was necessary to hoist flags. The tower is now open to the public, it’s the highest tower in the city and today it was free to climb.


The Tower at Christianborg Palace
The Tower at Christianborg Palace

Today (Tuesday) was overcast, cool, windy and a bit rainy but it didn’t matter to us as we headed into Copenhagen. We walked through Stroget, the main pedestrian shopping street with lots of classy shops and headed to the Christiansborg Palace before having a delicious typical Danish lunch in a very old and famous restaurant, Slotskaelderen. It’s usual to have two serves but I only needed one. There were a few politicians also having lunch there so we felt honoured to be in our own Borgen episode.

Statues of normal people
Statues of normal people

Yesterday (Monday) we took a walk around the Fredensborg Castle grounds in the late Autumn afternoon sunshine and enjoyed seeing all the work that has been done over the last few years. The Queen was in residence as indicated by the guards doing duty.

Great statistic
Great statistic

We had arrived in Copenhagen from Split in Croatia late on Sunday night. The weather has definitely changed and an autumn chill is in the air compared to our time in Croatia.

We have a few more days here and will enjoy seeing more of Denmark and Sweden.

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  1. See, I always think i missed something about Copenhagen…it just didnt wow me. Maybe it was the rain, the construction and the fact you needed to take out a second mortgage before having a beer 😀

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