The foot connection!

Connect is the theme for today. It will be interesting to see how this is interpreted by everyone. I have used a photo of 4 pairs of feet as my interpretation of connect. Let me explain!

These feet belong to my three grownup daughters and their younger cousin (my niece). It was taken on the day before the funeral of my brother in law (my niece’s father).

The 4 girls don’t get together very often, due to age differences and location, but get along well when they do catch up. As we were all together for this sad occasion we decided to take them out for the afternoon for some fun pampering. For some of them it was their first ever pedicure.  In other words they wanted to connect.

They all enjoyed it immensely, choosing a different colour for their toes and chatting away while their feet were pampered.   I took a photo of their newly painted toes to capture the moment of their connection.

I think it is a much nicer connect than a photo of their faces given the sadness they were all trying so bravely to hide. Their painted toes look bright and chirpy at least and made them all feel a bit brighter as well.

Painted toes
Painted toes

15 Replies to “The foot connection!”

      1. Most welcome. If I may say, don’t bother about what others may say; those who relate to it will love it – like me -, and those who not, may remember that when going through the same, as no one escapes this experience in life.
        The personal posts are to me the ones I connect with the most.
        So, as to this follower of yours, keep writing! 🙂

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