Weekly photo challenge: An ‘arty’ Angular photo

I took this photo in an art gallery in Malmo in Sweden recently. (Shh…not sure if I was supposed to be taking photos in there!)

It shows an art work which used a roller to stamp this angular pattern on a 10 metre long strip of sand. You can just see the roller on the edge of the photo.  The whole setup was very clever and took my fancy!

This week’s photo challenge theme is Angular:

Repeating patterns that once seemed boring aligned to form another shape with more depth.

I like the patterns that the roller created and the medium of sand was very inspired.  I just wish I had the name of the artist to give them the credit for creating such a fantastic piece of artwork.

I hope you like my arty interpretation of angular!  Any comments are welcome – except if you want to chastise me for taking photos when maybe I shouldn’t have!

4 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: An ‘arty’ Angular photo”

  1. When travelling thru Holland,I had time to visit VAN GOGH collection. As no one was looking I took a picture.In about two seconds I was told in by every one and their dog, not to do it again.

    Many years later I had the opportiunity to visit LORDS CRICKET GROUND. When looking at the historical memorobilia, I saw this thing that looked like an eggcup. All of a sudden, Ihad this urge TO TAKE A PICTURE. The memory off my fiasco in the Van Gogh came rushing back. I walked around pretending, that taking a picture of ASHES, was the last thing on my mind.
    There was only one I person in sight who took any notice of me. He said “Want to take a picture mate’ it looks as if the Aussies are going to win them anyway”

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